Personalised Fundraising Raffle Tickets and Draw Cards for your Organisation

Looking for Something Different? Add your club, pub or organisation name to your fundraising cards or, for a complete personalised fundraising cards service, add your own names to the squares too.

Complete Personalisation

Personalised Fundraising Cards 
If you have 30, 40, 50 or even 200 names within your club, pub, league or organisation to fill the squares on a cards, we can produce a personalised fundraising card for you. All you need to do is purchase the personalised card option that you need (see the `Special Sets` category) and then email the following to us:
  • 30, 40, 50 or 100 names for the squares
  • Card title (club name, charity name etc)
  • Tag line (eg `Which club member dropped the simplest catch?`)
  • Club, league or corporate logos can be added (please contact us for this option)

Your Club, Pub, League or Organisation added to the card for FREE!

If you`d like to personalise your cards with just your club, pub, league or organisation name, we do this for you FREE OF CHARGE. In each of the product listings, you`ll see an option on enter your `club name`. We will then produce your cards to read, for example, `30 Square Raffle Card in aid of Newtown Football Club Under 13s`.

Personalised Fundraising Cards

How do I benefit?

Cards that have a connection with your orgainisation have added interest; fundraising revenue can be increased as people tend to be more willing to contribute if they can connect with the cause or have a name in a square they recognise and want to buy.