About Us

fundraisingcards.co.uk is part of `scarylong golf`.

fundraisingcards.co.uk produce fundraising raffle / draw / scratch cards for individuals, clubs, teams, charities and other organisiations.  Our cards have over 25 themes and can be personalised for your fundraising event or individual requirement.


To maintain our low prices, fundraisingcards.co.uk is an exclusively internet retail business, processing your electronic orders from streamlined stock processing. As such, we are unable to offer a dedicated 9-5 support line but if you wish to speak to us about any aspect of our product range, please call 07986 600823. Alternatively, email your contact number to us and we will call you.

Registered Office

scarylong golf,
11 Courtland Road,
TA21 8ND,
United Kingdom.