The Simplest and Easiest Way to Raise Funds for your Good Cause, Charity, Event, Team or Club

Here is a list of what you DON'T need:

  • No Raffle Books and Tickets - just one card and a pen required
  • No Time Spent Folding Tickets - names are written on the draw card
  • No Searching for a Draw Bucket - simply reveal the winner
  • No Shouting Out Numbers, Failed Claims or Redraws - the winners name is on the draw card  

Here is a list of what you DO need

  • One card
  • One pen

Where to sell a fundraising card

You can use a card to raise funds instantly or over a period of time.  An example of an instant card is at a sports match, either during the match or in the clubhouse or bar, selling squares to players and spectators.  An example of a long term sale is a charity passing cards to volunteers or supporter of the charity and selling squares to friends and family - the card may not be completely sold on one occasion but continues to be sold over a number of days.

How to sell a card

The fundraising card contains a number of squares each with a word or phrase matching the theme of the card. Set a price for each square and write the price on the card.  Decide how much to give away as a prize and write that on the card too.  Continue selling each square, asking buyers to write their name (and possibly phone number if the card isn't to be an `instant` draw). 

Drawing the winner

When all squares are sold, the winner can be found by tearing the reveal area (as per instructions on the card), lifting up the reveal to show the winner tab underneath.  The person who purchased the winning square wins the prize.