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Innovative Fundraising Raffle and Sports Draw Cards for Clubs and Societies

Confine your raffle books to the recycling bin! Add interest to your fund raising with sports team draw cards. Our fundraising cards make running a raffle a breeze.

How much can I raise?

From £10 to £100 and more. On each card, the stake and the prize(s) awarded is up to you. On a 40 square card, at 50p per square, you bring in £20 and a £10 prize gives a profit of £10. For a 100 square card at £1 per square, you bring in £100 and prizes of £30 and £20 gives you a £50 profit. Multiply that by a whole season of fundraising, with just a pen needed, and you have a very tidy income.

Card Size

Cards are A5, A5 booklet or A4 - each product details sizes available.

Bin those raffle tickets! Try easy, hassle free Fundraising Cards

No Raffle Books and Tickets  ...just one card and a pen required
No Time Spent Folding Tickets  ...names are written on the draw card
No Searching for a Draw Bucket  ...simply reveal the winner
No Shouting Out Numbers, Failed Claims or Redraws  ...the winners name is on the draw card

NEW! and FREE!

Personalise your cards by adding your name, club, pub or organisation to any card in our "In Aid Of..." Box.  Optional service.

Quantity Discounts

5 packs (50 cards) = 5% discount. 10 packs (100 cards) = 10% discount. 20 packs (200 cards) = 15% discount. 50 packs (500 cards) = 20% discount.