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Innovative Fundraising Raffle and Sports Draw Cards for Clubs and Societies

Confine your raffle books to the recycling bin! Add interest to your fund raising with sports team draw cards. Our fundraising cards make running a raffle a breeze.

Bin those raffle tickets! Try easy, hassle free Fundraising Cards

New! Who Is The Greatest? Sports Raffle Cards
  • No Raffle Books and Tickets...
  • ...just one card and a pen required
  • No Time Spent Folding Tickets...
  • ...names are written on the draw card
  • No Searching for a Draw Bucket...
  • ...simply reveal the winner
  • No Shouting Out Numbers, Failed Claims or Redraws...
  • ...the winners name is on the draw card
  • Two New Cards: The Ashes and Who Is The Greatest?

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From £10 to £100 and more. On each card, the stake and the prize(s) given is up to you. On a 40 square card, at 50p per square, you bring in £20 and a £10 prize gives a profit of £10. For a 100 square card at £1 per square, you bring in £100 and prizes of £30 and £20 gives you a £50 profit. Multiple that by a whole season of fundraising, with just a pen needed, and you have a tidy income!

What`s New?

WHO WON THE ASHES? Which Ashes Captain lifted the tiny urn? Was it Ricky Ponting or Michael Vaughan? Or must it be the legendary Don Bradman?

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